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Limitorque Actuator

利密托克MX 執行裝置適用於較精確開関或modulating.

MX 其方便的控制面板可使操作者在數分钟之內進入非侵入式设置 (Setting).

需任何工具,无需打開机壳.通過面板上三个指示灯的閃爍, 即可顯示閥門的狀態.



 連續的自監視特性( Self diagnostic )可保护閥門的完整性.


進一步了解設置 0% / 100% Position Setting 方法,請按此


CS/CSE Local & Remote Auxilary Control Stations

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Limitorque Actuator (利密托克) 在香港的項目參考

Limitorque Actuator (利密托克) 在中國的項目參考

Operational and Maintenance and Spare part manual

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Technical Brochure-Protection/Control & Monitoring Features of MX

IOM-MX Installation & Operation Manual

Industry Guide-Typical Specification for MX actuators

Application-MX Performance & Dimensions

Technical Brochure-MX Motor Performance

IOM-MX/DDC Field Unit Manual

IOM-MX Maintenance & Spare Parts IOM

Engineered for EasePredictable, Reliable


Accutronix MX





L120 Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

Limitorque's L120 Series multi-turn actuators have a solid record of making valve control easier in a wide variety of demanding applications.

Proven performers under the most challenging  circumstances, Limitorque's L120 actuators are ideal for valves requiring rotary or linear movement.

With nine unit sizes, L120 electric actuators make it easy to meet or exceed your requirements for positive, dependable, valve actuation. Whether used with gate and globe valves, penstocks, or sluice gates, versatile L120 Series actuators operate without modification in any rising or non-rising stem application for linear-action valves.

When combined with a Limitorque gear operator, L120 actuators can also be used to control butterfly, ball, and plug valves, as well as damper drives, flop gates, or any other device which requires rotary movement.


  • Aluminum and ductile iron housings offer durability.
  • Available in weatherproof, submersible, and explosion proof construction for the most demanding environments.
  • All metallic lubricated steel-on-bronze gearing has shaft-supported anti-friction bearings for years of reliable operation.
  • Manual declutching disconnects motor from hand wheel to protect personnel.
  • Torque overload protection in both directions.
  • Units connect within most network configurations.

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