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EMS has recently supplied and installed three VRH350 ram pumps to pump thickened sludge from two Picket Fence Thickeners.

Original peristaltic pumps


The original pumping installation comprised of three peristaltic pumps that were having difficulty pumping the heavy sludges being produced by the thickeners. EMS installed a trial ram pump initially to prove the capability of the EMS pump this proved to be successful. Orders  were then placed for three VRH350 ram pumps.



The VRH350 specified for this project was the VRH350/10/650, which will deliver 650 l/m @ 10 bar sludge pressure.

EMS VRH350 hydraulically driven ram pumps.



 The system has been designed with special features that make it unique amongst other pumping installation in the UK. The system electronically monitors the discharge pressure and suction vacuum of the pumps. The system checks the data from the sensors and adjusts the pumping regime accordingly. This feature helps to maintain vacuum and therefore improves the pumps ability to pump heavy sludges.

Pressure & suction pressure displays for one of the three ram pumps


The EMS system has three modes of selectable pumping operation available.

·        Simplex mode - single pump operation.

·        Duplex mode – two pumps operating in anti-phase. This produces a laminar pumping flow

·        Purge mode – two pumps operating at the same time to provide scouring velocities in the sludge pipe work.

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