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投石灰設備包括自動開包機, 廢包壓縮處理, 石灰粉旋轉軸運輸機 (橫向,直向).儲灰缸及其配件如鎮粉機 ,位置計, 體績化自動投藥機.


皮帶運輸機 把 灰袋送進開包機進料口, 進料口備有除塵接口可避免灰塵四溢. 灰袋经入口墮進超高付荷的無軸羅旋.一般較薄的袋身經此碰撞已爆烈開. 多層包裝的紙裝或膠質包裝袋也会被緩慢轉动的無軸羅旋及其鋒利的葉面和開包機的內璧以剪刀式把包裝袋割開.

A belt conveyor feeds bags into the inlet port which is covered by a dust collecting hood. The bags drop from the belt on to an extra-heavy-duty spiral screw. Thin bags will burst open just through the impact. Bags with multiple layers or those made of elastic plastic material are pulled in by the slowly turning screw and ripped open through a scissor effect between screw and trough. This effect is increased due to cutting knives applied to the inside trough wall and to the screw fighting.


RSA 自動開包機

At the same time the broken bags are conveyed into a revolving screen. The bag contents fall through the screen mesh into a collecting device mounted on the outlet of the machine. Paddles applied inside the screen drum repeatedly lift up the empty bags. In this manner the bags are liberated from remaining material. The inclination of the paddles helps the bags move towards the screen outlet where they drop into the built-on bag compactor which consists of a heavy-duty screw conveyor and a compaction chamber. The compressed bags are slowly pushed into a polythene hose which must be periodically unbound and cut off.

De-dusting is taken care of by an integrated fan operated, air jet cleaned dust collector placed on top of the screen housing.





開包機廢包壓縮處理機主體 平面圖




皮帶運輸機, 開包機廢包壓縮處理機 全體側面圖



攝於 : 香港水務署 沙田濾水


自動開包機配套包括: 皮帶運輸機, 開包機,廢包壓縮處理, 石灰旋轉軸運輸機 (橫向,直向),儲灰缸,取灰閘,位置計, 體績化自動投藥機.



處理量可達每小時 300 ( 以每包 25kg )

每包尺吋上限 : 550 x 1100 x 200 mm (21 x 43 x 8 in)

每包重量上限 : 33 - 50 kg (73 - 110 lbs)

地績要求 : 3,618 mm x 4,380 mm (12 ft x 14 ft 7 in)

- Air volume: 450 to 800 m/h (265 to 470 cu.ft. per min)
- Filter surface: 4 m (44 sq ft)
- Fan power: 0.55 kW (0.75 HP)

- Food Industry: flour, bran, starch
- Chemicals: calcium carbonate, PVC powder, titanium dioxide
- Ceramics: clay, iron oxide, graphite
- Conservation Technology: aluminium sulphate, hydrated lime, carbon black, formaldehyde, sodium carbonate
- Building and Construction: cement, filler, PFA, microsilica

Advantages and innovative features

 Machine consists of a small number of components (only very few spare parts required)
- Easy access to all parts
- Low operating noise level thanks to use of engineering polymers
- Easy and quick replacement of filter elements
- Ability to handle bags of different sizes without machine adjustment
- Extremely low product retention rate

Automatic Bag Splitting System 在香港的市政項目參考


Applications ( 應用 )

香港水務署 沙田,屯門,埔頭,上水濾水

Pre- and Post Lime Conveyors


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