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Material Comparison between Mild Steel rubber Coated Plate and PP Plates

Material comparison

Filter Plate Material


Polypropylene material

Standard rubber Coated Mild Steel Material


A polypropylene filter element shows a high degree of elasticity and therefore has the ability to return to its original state after experiencing any pressure during the filtration process.


Rubber has a memory of staying at the expand position and it losses the elasticity after certain time of expansion and retraction due to natural ageing.

It will stay at the expanded position and cannot return to fully original.


Pressure sustainability

The flexibility of the material allows it to accept a high degree of pressure differentials which could cause damage to a more rigid material. It is known that if a filtration area has been distorted it can revert back after a period of time and the filter elements can become fully functional again.

The KLINKAU Replaceable Membrane Plate can be sustain squeeze pressure rates (up to 450psig)


PP plate is much lighter and easier to handle

Specify gravity of PP is 0.92.

It gives less burden to the existing structure and extend the lifetime of the Filter press skeleton and the shifter.


Because of the Mild steel structure, it is much heavier.

Specify gravity of Mild steel is 7.85

The weight increases the cost of supporting structure, filter press skeleton and the lifetime of the shifter.

Adaptability to retrofit to old machine

PP plates are produced by compression molding and it can be molded to wide range of thickness- high adaptability to retrofit to any existing system


Plates are more standardize and have limited thickness

Ease of maintenance

Easy to handle and move around

Short downtime

Difficult to move around

Longer downtime


Longer life in term of corrosion resistant and durability


Shorter lifetime because of the durability of rubber membrane skin

Chemical resistance

The entire plate is chemically resisted – Excellent in chemical resistance


Once the rubber is cracked, the plate will be corroded

 “Klinkau” (Germany) PP Membrane Plate Design vs. Standard Mild Steel Rubber Coated Plates

Membrane attachment

Overhanging type which can replace the membrane skin from the membrane plate within a minute even the plate is hanged over the machined.


The membrane skin is difficult to be taken out of the machine and also difficult to fit new membrane skin to the old membrane plate

Hinge line for membrane plate squeezing

Double hinge lines which can separate the squeezing and retraction to different contours, leading a longer squeezing lifetime

No such design and only 1 hinge line, the hinge line of the rubber membrane skin will be easily cracked followed by plate corrosion and loss of pressure.


Implication to the cloth lifetime

Less damage to the cloth due to the smooth / round edges on the drainage surfaces/ Stay boss position

Cloth life expectancy is shorter due to wear on the sharp edges on the drainage surfaces / Stay bosses position of the Cast Iron element


Klinkau offers an adapter plate which fits in between Klinkau system and the existing plates such that the existing plates can be gradually replaced by Klinkau system without necessary of total replacement of all plates in 1 time.

Two different material plates can work together in the same machine

No such design

Price rise

Excellent Price-performance ratio

Due to exclusive deign of Rubber coated Mild Steel features, the price is higher

Additional Features

Empty chamber Design


No such design

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