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Date (Completion)


Hitachi Plant & Engineering

3 x 60,000cmh odour scrubber system for Kranji sewage treatment plant extension

Jul 1999


Gul Technologies Ltd

2 x 30,000 cfm fume scrubbers for automated etching line

Jan 2000


Showa Specialty Gas (S) P/L

1 x 1,500 cfm Chlorine gas scrubber

1 x 1,500 cfm Ammonia gas scrubber

Feb 2000


Possehl Besi Electronic Sdn Bhd (Malacca)

1 x 28,000 cfm Alkali & Cyanide scrubber

1 x 11,000 cfm Acidic fume scrubber

Apr 2000


Hitachi Cable (S) P/L

1 x 7,020 cfm fume scrubber for tin coating system exhaust

Jun 2001


Dayen Engineering P/L

FRP ducting for odour treatment system at Bedok sewage treatment plant (12km total run)

Sep 2001


Sembawang Engineering & Construction P/L

2 x 11,500cfm dual bed activated carbon tower odour control system for Kim Chuan sewage treatment plant new inlet works

Jan 2002


Cheung Woh, Zhu Hai China

1 x 25,000 cfm Hor 2 stage Box scrubber for Electroless auto Plating and Etching Line

April 2002


Metalform Private Limited

Waste water treatment plant for Automated Metal finishing system.

30,000 cfm Vertical packed column scrubber for Acidic air

July 2002


Sam Macoy Engineering P/L

FRP ducting rated to 10 bars for Deptford Gate, Sembawang Shipyard and Thomson Hill pumping stations.

Aug 2002


Hong Hock Engineering P/L

3 x 2,500 cmh Activated carbon Odour control System and FRP ducting

Sept 2002


JEL - Ayer Rajah Pumping Station

4 x 1,800 cmh Activated carbon Odor control System and FRP ducting

Jan 2003


Koon Construction and Transportation P/L

FRP ducting rerouting for the OTP 7, 8 & 9 odour control system

Jan 2003


Jurong Engineering Ltd

4 x 1,700cmh odour control system for Ayer Rajah Pumping Station

Mar 2003


ALLANDES Corporation P/L

Design & supply of one unit NH3 gas scrubbing system for HAZ MAZ training room

Mar 2003


Hong Hock Engineering Construction P/L

3 x 2,500cmh odour control system for Bedok Pumping Station upgrade

Jun 2003


Matsushita Semiconductor

Design & supply of one unit 8000cmh vertical wet scrubber for IPA removal

Jun 2003


Honey well Aerospace (S) P/L

Design and Supply integrated waste water Treatment plant for Aircraft components cleaning process. Design and supply one fully integrated cleaning system for Aircraft components. Design and supply one unit 15,000 cfm. Horizontal Box scrubber for alkali chemical fumes.

June 2003


ONC Technology P/L

1 x 2,400 cfm wet scrubber & wastewater treatment plant for semiconductor ceramic packaging manufacturing

Sep 2003


Jurong Engineering Ltd

18,000cmh & 8,400cmh biotrickling filter system for Kranji WRP flow equalization tank and new inlet works odour control

Oct 2003


Chlor-Al P/L

Design & supply wet scrubber and wastewater treatment plant for HCl chemical filling station

Oct 2003


General Electrical Aviation Services Operation

1 x 30,000 cfm wet scrubber for odour control

Nov 2003


Frontken Pte Ltd

Design and supply one unit 7,000 cfm Horizontal Box scrubber for chemical fumes.

Nov 2003


Koon Construction / VA Tech

2 x 24,000cmh activated carbon system for Bedok WRP flow equalization tank and new inlet works odour control

Dec 2003


Citra-Raya Taiwan

Design & supply NOx scrubbing system and Cyanide scrubbing system

Dec 2003


Koon Construction / VA Tech

2 x 16,800cmh activated carbon system for UluPandan WRP flow equalization tank and new inlet works odour control

Dec 2003


Citra-Raya Taiwan

Design and Supply Nox scrubbing system and Cyanide scrubbing system. Design and Supply integrated waster water treatment System for precious metal recovery plant. Supply 2 nos. evaporators for concentrated waste treatment.

Dec 2003


VA Tech Power & Water (M) Sdn Bhd

Supply 2 x 24,000 cmh Activated Carbon Filter for Bedok WRP, Equalization Tank Construction. Supply 2 x 24,000 cmh Activated Carbon Filter for Ulu Pandan WRP, Equalization Tank Construction

Dec 2003


3M (S) Pte Ltd

Design, supply, install & commission 2 x 32,000 cfm acid scrubber system

Feb 2004


ADM Cocoa Pte Ltd

Design, supply, install & commission 3 units odour control system

Apr 2004


Sembawang Engineers and Constructors P/L

Design and Supply 10 nos. 286 m3 FRP chemical Storage Tanks for Changi Water Reclamation Plant. Supply of 24 units chemical transfer and sump pumps for chemical feed system. Design and supply Chemical feed system piping for Solids Building Odour control process.

Jul 2004


PulverDryer Technologies P/L

Design, supply, install & commission 1 x 6,000 cfm odour control system for sludge treatment at Bedok WRP

Sep 2004


Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide P/L

Design, supply and commission one unit CO treatment system for hydrogen plant

Oct 2004


Enviro Process Engineering (HK) Co. Ltd

Design & supply of activated carbon system for Ping Chau pumping station odour control

Dec 2004


Amlab Services Pte Ltd

Mechanical ventilation and scrubber system for laboratory

Mar 2005


ADM Cocoa Pte Ltd

Design, supply, install & maintenance 3 sets of odour control system

May 2005


Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences Ltd

Design, supply, install and commission 1 set of air pollution control system for dry lab

July 2005

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