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GRIT & SAND Classifier 砂水分离器

採附璧效應的砂水分离器 水处理量8-360 L/sec,固體排出量 80cm3/sec.

可提供整個沉砂池系統之工藝流程設計, 設備選型, 指導安裝, 調試 及 培訓。

沉砂池系統包括: 沉砂池攪拌器 / 空氣提升泵 / 鼓風機 / 砂水分離器 / PLC自動系統

A range of grit removal and concentrator units are available for wastewater streams. We have available units specifically designed for the pulp and paper industries.


Performance and technical features


Liquid throughput
- min. 8 l/s
- max. 360 l/s

Solids output: 0.08 dm≥/s

Efficiency: 90 % separation of sand with grain size as small as 200 micron


- Municipal waste water treatment plants for separation and de-watering grit coming from the sedimentation basin
- Industrial plants in which sand or grit has to be de-watered

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